The NGO aims to Improve the quality of life for South Africans and the rest of Africa, especially the rural communities. This will be improved via community- based projects focusing on household sanitation, school sanitation, water reticulation, solar powered water pumping, child-to-child health education, rainwater harvesting, as well as various government-community partnerships.

Mystical Adams Ale explores different sanitation technologies and alternatives that helps us to support poor communities to achieve access to a reliable, clean and safe water supply.

Communities are encouraged to actively participate and play a strong oversight role through measurement, advocacy and impact management.

They are also empowered to support and be part of the community forums that the NGO helps to establish, e.g., Catchment Management Agency (CMA).

The NGO also plays an active key role in supporting the Government, Municipalities and rural communities in strengthening the community-based water services provider (CBWSP) model to assist communities where settlements are dispersed and difficult for municipal staff to reach.

Mystical Adams Ale also focuses on poverty alleviation programmes by training communities which are affected as a result of HIV/AIDS pandemic and climate change.

These development interventions that encompass integrated components using rainwater harvesting (RWH) to address food security with the establishment of food gardening.